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Services of Ray West Warehouses, Inc., a bonded full service merchandise warehouse.


Services of affiliate Ray West Properties, Ltd., a development and property management company.


What’s New
What’s new at this website and at the Ray West companies.

January 5, 2008
Removed references to Ray West Transport as we have retired from the trucking business to concentrate on where we can add the most value: warehousing

August 2, 2002
Contacts page updated to reflect John Maceda’s April promotion to Executive Vice President.

October 26, 2000
Everything is new. Welcome to the all-new website for Ray West Warehouses, Inc., Ray West Transport, and Ray West Properties, Ltd. Things don’t change much in the warehouse business, but check back here for any news when they do (or when this site changes).

TIP: One of our favorite parts of this website is a reproduction of our 1964 marketing brochure. Check it out! We’ve come a long way since 1964, and the web has changed the world and the way we do marketing. But even dotcom companies need supplies and sometimes need to ship products, and many of them with customers in South Texas use Ray West Warehouses. Some of them even found out about us on the web, which is why we have expanded our site.

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